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Simplicity5 WordPress Theme Now Available

I now have my first free WordPress theme available for download. You can find more information about it (along with a live preview) here: Simplicity5 WordPress Theme.

simplicity5 light theme screenshot

Simplicity5 dark theme screenshot


Free WordPress theme (will be available soon)

I’ve been working on a free WordPress theme, and it should be available within the next month.
Features that it will have include:

  • The ability to easily switch color themes and fonts. It will come with two color themes, and three different options for your site’s fonts. These can easily be changed within WordPress admin. Of course you can create your own color themes and font styles too.
  • You can choose between 2 or three columns, or just have a full width content area.
  • I’ve made it easy to change text and logo in your header area (you won’t have to worry about programming to change these).
  • And plenty of other goodies.

If this theme does well, then I may later make a premium version.
Any particular feature you would like to see? You are welcome to drop me a comment.

The theme has been delayed a little bit because of my very busy schedule. But it is still coming along, and I hope it will be done soon!

HTML 5 and Backwards Compatibility

The newest spec for HTML is still not a complete animal just yet, but all ready web-designers are putting it into usage.  This is a good thing, as it is very important for a web-designer to stay on top of new web technologies.

Still there are many support issues with HTML5, and CSS3 (which web designers and developers tend to think of as two peas in a pod).  IE8 and lower simply do not support HTML5.  Fortunately all the major newer browsers do at least to some extent (IE9 and up, Chrome, newer versions of FF and Safari, and the list goes on).

How to swap content areas (divs) JS free

There’s a lot of scripts out there which will allow you to swap out one content area (div) for another when a link or button is clicked. However if you just want a nice simple div swap no Javascript is necessary, all you need is CSS and HTML.

WordPress as a CMS Part 1: Multiple Columns

It’s become pretty popular to use WordPress not only as a blogging platform, but as a full-blown CMS. But out of the box WordPress still has some pretty big limitations.

For example it is pretty common to have one primary content area, and then a column of widgets that is basically the same from page to page.  But generally WordPress isn’t particularly user-friendly when it comes to dealing with multiple columns of page or post specific content. Fortunately there’s a plugin that makes having multiple columns of page specific content really easy.

Rise from your grave!

It’s been quite a while since my last post, but I’ve decided to bring this blog back to life. Right now I’m working on an article about some ways to make non-blog websites with nifty things like multiple columns of content, and multiple editable areas using one of the most popular CMS out there: WordPress.

Places to Submit your Site: Website (CSS) galleries

Getting back-links to your site can be one of the more difficult things to do, but one great option can be to submit your site to a website gallery (more often called a CSS gallery).

Choosing the Right Clients: Some Red Flags

On my last post (Suggest a topic for me to write about) Cady suggested I write about freelancing and how to make sure you are choosing the right people to work for.

Part of making sure that a client is a good one to work for is keeping an eye out for certain red flags. Even if you are having a hard time finding clients, you should not ignore these signs, because even in desperate times it’s not worth it work with nightmare clients (you may not even get any money out of working for them, so it’s best to just steer clear).

Suggest a topic for me to write about!

So, I’ve decided to ask you, dear readers, what topic you would like to see me cover.
I’ll pick the topic I like best, research it, and post it here. Or maybe I’ll put up some of my favorite ideas to a vote (er…poll).
So suggest away using the comments section, or you can email me at:

Edit 9/16/10
Note: I will only choose topics that fit in with the rest of the blog, so something relevant to web-designers (could be a topic related to design, freelancing or SEO for example).

The Zen of CSS Design Review: The Best of Both Worlds

From what I’ve found most web-design books fall into one of two camps:

Those that focus on code.

These books go into detail about how to put together the “guts” of your website (which is very important). When it comes to books on JavaScript, PHP, and other programming languages, I don’t really expect a bunch of stunning looking designs, and discussing the graphic design side of web-design would just be off-topic. However in a CSS book, or more general web-design book those things are quite appropriate.