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Places to Submit your Site: Website (CSS) galleries

Getting back-links to your site can be one of the more difficult things to do, but one great option can be to submit your site to a website gallery (more often called a CSS gallery).

These galleries do review submissions, and are typically looking for sites that are well-designed, and stand out visually. Some are even more specific, and will only add sites if they are particularly unusual, or have a specific feature.
If your websites are all fairly average looking, or generic looking, you might have a hard time finding galleries that will list them.
However each gallery’s submissions are going to reviewed by a different person, which means that your dealing with different people, with different tastes, so if your site doesn’t get into one gallery, it could still get into another.
If your site doesn’t get accepted into any galleries initially, don’t get discouraged, try submitting different websites, and try submitting to different galleries.

If you have sites that you think are really beautiful and well-put together you may find that these galleries are great way to not only get back-links, but to get your work showcased along with some other impressive designs.
These galleries are also just great to look through to see what other designers are doing, and get some inspiration.

Most galleries will list sites for free, but I’ve encountered a few here and there that do charge.

General CSS Galleries

These are the more diverse CSS galleries. They feature all kinds of different websites with different sorts of layouts and features.

CSS Elite
CSS Beauty
Divine CSS
CSS Star
One thing I like about this gallery is that when you submit your website it will go into the pending section, eventually it will go into the In Review section, and then if approved it will finally get moved into the Approved section.
Style Boost
CSS Mania
CSS Based
CSS Pick

More Specific Galleries

Cool HomePages
Your best bet for getting a site onto Cool HomePages is to submit one which has an unusual feature. Animated designs seem to be particularly popular on this gallery.

Design Snips
When you submit a website to this gallery, it’s less like you are submitting the entire site, and more like you are submitting a particular part of that site, such as background, or banner, etc… So when you submit a site you have to pick out what particular part of that site you is particularly good.

The Horizontal Way
This is a gallery specifically for websites that scroll horizontally, rather than vertically like the vast majority of websites. It’s gotten me thinking about making a horizontal design of my own.