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Three SEO tools to check out

It’s been a while since my last post, but I’m back, and today’s post is on a few SEO tools that can be found online.
I’ve personally not made much use of keyword density analysis tools, as I generally prefer to eyeball it anyhow. However SEO tools aren’t just limited to keyword density analyzers, there’s also tools that will look at your site and give suggestions for words to use in your PPC (that’s pay per click advertising) campaign, and more.


Thoughts on Keywords and Density

This post is a response to a recent commenter that was wondering how many keywords they should put in their metatags.

I have heard lots of different numbers tossed around as far as what your keyword density (the percentage that a word or phrase takes up out of the total number of words on a page) should be, this is not just specifically for meta tags, but for your overall page content. About 1-5% is a number that seems to be pretty common and there are even programs out there that will analyze your keyword density (just Google it and you’ll find some).

Getting Visitors to Your Site, Some Tips: Don’t Just Rely on Search Engines

Perhaps you are new to website design, or had someone build a site for you. Maybe your site has been indexed on Yahoo, and Google, so you expect site visitors to start rolling in by the hundreds. You start watching your site statistics only to see a few visitors here and there, which is probably not nearly as many as you expected.

No doubt search engines are an important part of gaining site visitors, but they can easily be over relied on. Getting the number of visitors that you want to your website can take a whole lot more than just getting your site indexed by search engines.


To Submit or Not to Submit #1: Search Engine Submission

One service that you will probably stumble upon while looking for information on search engines and SEO are search engine submission services. But do these services really make a difference? Is submitting your site to search engines really worth the effort?

SEO: Masters of the Googleverse

What is SEO?

SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization, is all about influencing your site’s rank in the various search engines such as Google and Yahoo.

No doubt SEO is a hot topic for anyone whom wants to build an online presence, and yet there’s a lot of confusion over what exactly SEO can do, and debate over how to best optimize a site for search engines.