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Comments Policy, 4/11/10

I have started to get a pretty good number of people leaving comments, however some comments have been quite blatant spam. Because of this when you leave a comment it will not appear until after I have approved it.

First a quick summary of what sort of things are likely to get your comment trashed so you don’t have to read this whole page to know what to avoid:

-blatant spam

-duplicates of the same comment (if I think this was on accident I’ll approve one copy)

-posting with several different usernames from the same IP (especially if I get flooded with comments from different usernames on the same IP within a short period of time)

-No links to pornographic, or discriminatory (on the basis of race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation) material

If your comment looks to me like spam, it will not get approved. This includes blatant “come visit my site on a subject not even related to this post” spam, but also duplicate comments when I do manage to catch them. Yes I know sometimes duplicates are made on accident, but when they show up on several different posts I get suspicious.

Also keep in mind that I can see your IP address, and will start to get suspicious when I see a whole bunch of posts from the same IP, especially if I get flooded with several comments from that IP within a short period of time.

This blog is a do-follow blog, that means that if you leave a comment and have your website’s URL connected to your username, search engines will be able to follow it back to your website, thus providing you with a nice little back link. This sort of thing makes some people all too tempted to spam as many different blogs as they can. That’s something you may get away with it here and there, but in general that sort of thing is considered disrespectful to bloggers, and most frown upon it.

So I ask that you keep your comments relevant to the blog entry you are leaving them on. What would be even better yet is to leave comments that you think would be useful to other readers of this blog.

Why did I decide to have my blog be a do-follow blog? Certainly not to encourage spammers (though I’m aware that is a consequence)! But as a nice little favor to those whom read my blog and then take their time to comment.

My only other rule for this particular blog currently is to keep things civil and PG.